4×4 Service

4x4 Service in London Ontario from Finch Chevrolet

Limited Time 4x4 Special

$399.95 (+HST & & Environmental fees) Four-Wheel Driveline Service

4-Wheel Driveline Service includes:

  • Draining and refilling the Transfer Case with fresh, clean fluid
  • Draining and refilling the Front Differential with fresh, clean fluid
  • Draining and refilling the Rear Differential with fresh, clean fluid

4-Wheel Drive Service Explained

Your four-wheel-drive vehicle demands regular maintenance, especially when used for off-road driving or towing. The transfer case, for example, has its own fluid, which should be checked and changed regularly. With enough degradation, your vehicle might not be able to shift into four-wheel drive. Similarly, the lubricating fluid in the gearbox can deteriorate as well, causing improper lubrication of the gears and leading to excessive wear on the differential. To maintain the highest level of performance and safety, your vehicle requires fluid flushes at regular intervals. Four-Wheel Driveline Service from our certified technicians at Finch Chevrolet includes inspecting the transfer case, locking hubs, drive axles, and both front and rear differentials from leaks and wear. We also drain and refill all fluids, as per your manufacturer's recommendation.

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