Vince Dunleavy

Vince Dunleavy


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Call: 519-681-9099

Team players are a huge part of any successful business. They are enthusiastic, they stay focused and they work hard towards goals. This is the best way to describe Vince. After joining the Finch team in 1992, Vince quickly found the environment that he was looking for.

Vince views his position as Used Car Manager as a challenge that he overcomes by applying all of the skills and experiences that he has obtained in his time here.

Vince and his lovely wife Tracey are the proud parents of two full-grown boys and they enjoy spending their time together with their Golden Retrievers Chester and Katie. Whether fixing a wonderful meal, enjoying a bottle of wine, taking place in the annual Bark in the Park or rounding the turn at their favourite golf course, Vince cherishes his time with his family.

Vince is often inspired by the ability and determination of truly successful people. This inspiration manifests itself in everything that Vince does here at Finch.