Sometimes our rear seat items can obstruct your view. The Silverado’s available rear camera mirror provides a wider less obstructed field of view compared to a traditional mirror. The second-generation rear camera mirror features an integrated high-resolution camera located on the outside of the truck and streams into the rearview mirror.

Rearview Camera feature

Compared to a traditional rearview mirror, the rearview camera provides a wider, less obstructed field of view to assist when driving, changing lanes, checking for vehicles, or traffic conditions. In addition there are adjustment options for brightness, zoom and tilt.

To activate the rear camera mirror, tilt the mirror as you would a regular mirror then pull the tab toward you. Streaming video will display on the inside rearview mirror from the camera integrated into the truck. To turn it off, simply push the tab away from you. Silverado’s rearview camera mirror also gives you the options to change the brightness, zoom and tilt. To use these features press the checkmark icon on the mirror to scroll through the options. If you have rear pass or cargo, Silverado's rear camera mirror can help improve the view. For more information on the Rear Camera feature available on vehicles in London right here at Finch Chevrolet, we recommend that you reach out to one of our product experts today!